In this Golem laughter and tragedy, jokes and Kafksesque shadows, messianic irruptions, dances and moments of mourning, childhood songs and moments of painful introspection are confronted and alternated.

In the performance the themes of the Jewish culture and surprising universal openness are concentrated, all connected by a powerfully expressive music, the Klezmer music, which can conduct in an instant moments of happiness to moments of despair and that sometimes contains both at the same time.

A performance that makes use of three different linguistic sonorities – Yiddish, the German of the text, and Italian, yet lived and inhabited improperly – the Golem project stemmed out of the research of Moni Ovadia, portrayed over several years and several performances, on the use of different languages on stage, driven by a cosmopolitan trepidation linked to his origins and to his condition as a passing foreigner by definition.