Some performances bring along the desire to work within a broader horizon, instead of being constricted within a single theatrical text. Giuseppe Verdi’s operas analysis in the publication Da Nabucco a Falstaff, Verdi drammaturgo dei conflitti explores this new approach investigating deeper aspects of the operas. Some experimental processes have given life to large-scale projects, combining different titles in a single project – as in the Mozart Da Ponte Project. In other cases, the material of a single work is developed in its combination with other plays, as in the case of Miracolo a Milano. Sometimes, however, the initial proposal includes the need to invent experimental performance formulas to be presented in special venues and spaces. This is the case of the project Voci della città, presented in the Visconti Pavilion of the Ansaldo building in Milan. The common feature of these projects is the research of the connection between space, scenic languages and creative performance, aspects that have been explored in the seminars and book on Architecture and Theatre.

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